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Triunfo's Youth Program was specifically designed to accommodate youth ranging from 3-11 years in age (12+ would benefit from training in our Fundamental class options). We are proud to have 2+ coaches on the mat at all times with our Youth Program as this allows us to provide not only a safer and more effective environment, but it also allows us to separate the class into two groups based on age and experience. We encourage students to progress at their own pace which leads to an increase in confidence levels as children accomplish new goals.

Martial arts is proven to improve children’s poise, self-confidence, and discipline. These skills carry into home and school life.

Children not only learn to be “street smart” and develop quicker reaction skills, but they also learn how to react rationally in potentially serious situations and/or threats.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art performed in the traditional kimono.

BJJ is an all-season sport that is serves as a life skill for youth. They will learn effective self-defense in a compassionate manner, develop a sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and develop a healthy mind and body. 

Jiu Jitsu delivers and unparalleled sense of body awareness and coordination that carries over to other sports and activities. Many parents share that their child began to quickly excel in other physical sports as they adopted better athleticism, leadership skills, and a stronger work ethic. 


Muay Thai is a striking sport that is similar to kick-boxing. The difference being that a practitioner has more tools and options available to them including punches, kicks, knees, clinches, and foot sweeps. Your youth will learn a full set of skills for self-defense in stand up.

Muay Thai develops coordination and motor skills, including balance, agility, and power. Kids are challenged with a higher form of athleticism than many other sports demand.

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